Making your fireworks composite

fireworks composite

Seven image composite of this years firework display. 


How it was done

  1. Open all your image into one Photoshop document, with each image on a separate layer.
  2. Create a new layer and put in at the bottom of all your layers. Fill your new layer with black.
  3. Change the blending mode of all your fireworks layers to Lighten
  4. Adjust the position of each layer if necessary.
  5. Flatten layers
  6. Save.

You could also use the same Photoshop Action that you use for star trails to put together your fireworks shot into one composite image.


About Bruce Wunderlich

Bruce Wunderlich is a photographer from Marietta, Ohio. He became interested in photography as a teenager in the 1970s, and has been a passionate student of the art ever since. Bruce recently won Photographer’s Choice award and Grand Prize at the 2015 Shoot the Hills Photography Competition in the Hocking Hills near Logan, Ohio. He has also instructed local classes in basic digital photography. Check out Bruce’s photos at Flickr
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