The Background Matters

DSC_4335-EditA background or bokeh (a Japanese term meaning the blurred out-of-focus part of an image) can really create a unique element within a photo, and will often make a subject really stand out. Don’t leave your backgrounds to chance, plan them! In my photo of a Chickadee, the rust colored bokeh is created by leaves on an oak tree in the background. By strategically placing an old pine branch near my backyard feeder for the birds to land on before jumping to the seed, (See my earlier post about how I created the feeder.) I was able to plan the background of my shots using the oak tree for a nice bokeh. The oak is far enough away from the pine branch that no detail of the actual tree is visible, just a smooth rust color from the leaves.

So, plan those backgrounds to create stronger images, and get out there and shoot away!

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About Bruce Wunderlich

Bruce Wunderlich is a photographer from Marietta, Ohio. He became interested in photography as a teenager in the 1970s, and has been a passionate student of the art ever since. Bruce recently won Photographer’s Choice award and Grand Prize at the 2015 Shoot the Hills Photography Competition in the Hocking Hills near Logan, Ohio. He has also instructed local classes in basic digital photography. Check out Bruce’s photos at Flickr
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