Choosing image for Black and White

Before you decide to convert any image to black and white you must first ask this question.DSC_3086-Edit

Is the color in this image an important part of its story?

If your answer is “Yes” then the image may not be a good choice for Black and White.
Look for images that have forms, lines, shapes and textures, converting these to black and white will accent these features.

So a good rule for judging your image is:
Process to black and white when forms, shapes and lines of an image are the primary elements and process to color when the colors, tones and shades are the primary elements that tells the story of the image.

When the colors of an image are not the primary feature of your image they can distract your eye from seeing the story of the image and can actually keep the viewer’s eye from seeing the detail of the image.

So keep shooting, and look for chances to make a great black and white image.


About Bruce Wunderlich

Bruce Wunderlich is a photographer from Marietta, Ohio. He became interested in photography as a teenager in the 1970s, and has been a passionate student of the art ever since. Bruce recently won Photographer’s Choice award and Grand Prize at the 2015 Shoot the Hills Photography Competition in the Hocking Hills near Logan, Ohio. He has also instructed local classes in basic digital photography. Check out Bruce’s photos at Flickr
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