Adding the Human Element



Father and son at Huntington Beach California

Landscapes always seemed better to me in the past without people in the images. However, I’ve discovered that adding a human element can increase the drama, interest and creative energy of your landscapes. Also, adding people can bring balance, scale or originality which allows you to ultimately create a one of a kind image. One example of balance is in the image below – the couple capturing a selfie is at the rule of thirds position.


“Selfie at the Beach” – I was waiting for this couple to move from the image of the pier at Huntington Beach when one of them pulled out a cell phone I realized that this was just the extra drama needed to complete the image.


Surfer at Huntington Beach CA, which is also known as “Surf City USA”


Boy Scouts at Upper Falls at Old Man’s Cave add an extra element of interest to one of the areas most photographed waterfall.

So get out there an shoot landscape images and don’t be afraid to add the human element.

Got any ideas about adding the “human element” to landscape images, leave them in the comments below.

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