Flowers on a Cloudy Day

Sun flower

Today’s forecast – mostly cloudy!
Perfect for shooting flora. A forecast of sunshine and cloudless blue skies isn’t ideal for flower photography. Direct sunlight can be harsh resulting in photos with too much contrast, burnt-out highlights. A bright but overcast day can be perfect – this light will soft and diffused and much more flattering. Soft light will also give you great shadow detail. This is due to the fact that soft light has a smaller dynamic range than hard light. Under soft light conditions, you have a good chance of capturing the entire dynamic range of the flower. In addition to a great dynamic range, soft light usually produces more saturated colors than hard light. If you must shot on a sunny day, the light in the early morning and late afternoon will be best, giving your flower pics a nice warm light and not too harsh. Never shoot in the direct midday light it is too harsh.

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