“Looks Like a Painting”

Recently I was asked, “Is there some special filter you use on your camera, to make your pictures look like paintings?” Have you ever posted an images on line and got a comment like “great photo, it looks like a painting”? What does this mean? Well it could mean that you photograph a lot of places that look like paintings. Or maybe, you are over processing your images. I will have to admit that sometimes its easy to want to make an image look good and I end up over processing to the point it doesn’t look real anymore. If you want to avoid the “looks like a painting” comments apply processing just to the point that the image looks pleasing and still real.
Okay I know there are some who would say “why process at all?”  If you shoot in RAW format some post processing is necessary (see samples below).


RAW file without any processing


Processed RAW file, added some sharpening, opened up the shadows and added a little punch to the yellows and greens.


“Looks like a Painting”  Just a few clicks in Lightroom, its easy to get carried away.


I’m not saying that the “looks like a painting” look is bad, but just beware that its sometimes easy to get carried away with the post processing. There is a time for everything, the look will definitely work for some images and not for others.

So get out there and shoot, but be careful with the post processing.