Use your Tripod to Stay in Focus


Use a Tripod – another reason that a tripod is a must to get nice sharp flower images is to keep you flower in focus. When you are using a macro lens your depth of field will be very small. If you are trying to hand hold your camera just the slightest movement of your camera after you have locked the focus could move your depth of field enough to make subject out of focus. Also with such a small depth of field getting the focus lock on the part of the flower you want to be sharp sometimes is not easily accomplished, manual focus may help you get the focus point that you are looking for.
Use your camera’s timer or a remote to trigger you exposure this will also help to reduce camera movement caused by pushing the shutter release. Advance users may also want to use “mirror lock” to even further reduce any camera movement.

Position your camera’s sensor so it’s parallel to the most important plane of the flower . This will help you to get the most out of the very shallow depth of field.

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